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Registered land title.
Registered transactions and non-transactions.
Receive transactional / non-transactional instruments.
Check the documents to determine the eligibility of registration in accordance with the rules and regulations.
Create a memorial registration record into the document of Title of the Computer.
Provide and register temporary and permanent titles.
Provide Official Search Certificate and Private Search for Owned Land.
Checking and binding on title documents, transaction instruments and non-transactional documents.

Coordinate, collecting results in more effective ways.
Smooth travel tax / local tax system trips.
Align Monthly Results Collection Report.
Collect information regarding land revenue for monitoring purposes
Developing policies and annual revenue collection plans.

Application for surrender and land reclamation.
Simultaneous application of breaking of borders and changing soil conditions.
Application of modify condition, border / ground breaking.
Application for land consolidation.
Process applications for conversion of land use from agriculture to industry.
Land grant under the Land Act.
Process burglary / division application, landlord and submission for land development purposes

Application for ordinary land by private / private persons, government departments less than 10 acres
Large-scale land applications are grouped.
Application for Temporary Occupation License (IDIC).
Application for Certificate of Carrying (SKC) and Mining Lease (SL / PL).
Application for land under the privatization policy.
Application for premium reduction appeal.
Application for breaking of building part and registration of strata title.

Application for ordinary land by private / private persons, government departments less than 10 acres.
Investigate and prepare reports on public complaints.
Make a land report on application for rock material production permit, land application through privatization and land acquisition.
The secretariat of the special committees of land acquisition.
Carry out enforcement on the production of rock material without permit.
Prepare a development site development plan.

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